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 Soul Spark Events: Women Igniting Possibilities

Our event on December 9, 2023 was a great success! We'd love to have you at the next event!!

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Amazing Speakers

Through their captivating personal stories of embarking on transformative journeys, they illuminate new possibilities for their lives and showcase their incredible talents in their respective fields of work.


Beautiful Location

American Dunes Golf Club is an amazing venue with an inspiring mission to raise awareness and funds for the families of our fallen and disabled veterans.  


Love & Light

This community will be filled with radiant, positive, uplifting, beautiful souls that will provide you with authentic connections that offer unwavering love and support.

What will you walk away with?

  • Meaningful Bonds with Inspiring Women
  • A Wealth of Resources to Address Your Specific Needs
  • Elevated Energy and Lasting Inspiration 
  • Awakened Inner Dreams and Clear Vision for Your Future
  • Increased Self-Belief and Connection to Your Divine Intuition
  • Increased Emotional Awareness and New Perspectives
  • Harnessing the Power of Your Mind and Refine Your Programming
  • Find Your Flow State and Create from It
  • Explore Breathwork Techniques and Cultivate a Practice
  • Approach to Mindfulness and Meditation for Inner Peace
  • Guidance to Liberate Your Body and Reconnect with It
  • Tips to Unlock Life-Changing Transformations by Shifting 4% of Your Day

This day is about you...

Let's celebrate how amazing you are, embrace your remarkable uniqueness, and unleash the gifts you hold that the world anxiously awaits!

Create connections...

Take this opportunity to set aside your phone, invest in your personal development, and forge meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.